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From the ONSET our MISSION was simply to change the WEALTH LANDSCAPE via STABLE real estate acquisition deals that will secure indefinite DIVIDENDS for real estate investors, inducing them to become "Realty Wealthy" (i.e., wealthy via our strategic real estate acquisitions.) In a nutshell, we aimed to make as many of our investors as wealthy as they humanly can be via our strategic real estate investments or partnerships.  We wanted them to have NO MORE REASON TO FEEL THE ANXIETY that is related to the VOLATILITY OF THE MARKETS.  

Historically, massive wealth-creation via real estate acquisitions was designed to be so abstract and convoluted so that it would only be reserved to generations of already wealthy elite and empires, which acquired real estate by 'discovery', 'conquest' or 'gift'. With Realty Wealthy, using proprietary and innovative techniques that consider directly acquired and managed properties, and even tools like Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) among many others, we focus mainly on REAL ESTATE-BASED WEALTH CREATION. For those who don't know enough about REITs, they are real estate investment vehicles, which were established by the U.S. Congress in 1960 to allow INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS to invest in LARGE-SCALE INCOME-PRODUCING REAL ESTATE. Thus, we also connect individuals to other strategic tools to help them achieve returns on investments (ROIs) that are second to none in the forms of HIGH-and-STEADY DIVIDENDS INCOME and long-term CAPITAL APPRECIATION.


Unlike other forms of non-real-estate backed investments, which often deliver EXCUSES in the forms of risk-based assertions for not providing the right results, our referred real estate back investments are the  types that can guarantee the best results every time using a team of rare real estate and legal gurus combining decades of experience making us second to none.

With, wealth creation is no longer reserved to those with enormous wealth, the well-connected or those with access to specialized knowledge or vast amounts of capital.  YES, the average person can also create AS MUCH WEALTH as those who were born wealthy and and yes, with us even one who was once a pauper can still become "REALTY WEALTHY".













the team


Our team is the most eclectic one in the real-estate-backed wealth building industry. First and foremost, despite being from diverse backgrounds, every team member has an unadulterated love for real estate or property acquisitions & management. In addition, our combined credentials include decades of experience in fostering strategic property deals, engineering, law, education, healthcare, architecture, urban development, business brokering, religious institution/university management, politics etc.


A Plethora of Impressive Consultants and Unsung Heroes in Real Estate, Law, Healthcare, Business, Tourism, Government, Academia, Agriculture/Farming, Property Development, Lobbying, Tourism etc.

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